Leading through sustainable governance

Leading through sustainable governance

Corporate Culture

A recent collaboration between the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) and the Australian Council of Superannuation Investors (ACSI) saw the publication of the report Governing company culture: Insights from Australian Directors. The report taps into the learnings and experiences of directors at the helm of some of Australia’s most influential brands and provides practical tips and tools to improve corporate culture.

Time and time again, corporate culture has been proven to be at the heart of many corporate failures, which has compelled board directors to reconsider how their organisations are prioritising corporate culture on their performance dashboard. In this process, they found that the shared understanding of what corporate culture means to their respective organisations and how it was being measured and monitored, significantly contributed to the overall performance of the organisation.

Often, project managers and change agents within an organisation struggle to implement their project agendas and wonder why a set of simple concepts are just not taken up as part of their project objectives. To embed change within an organisation requires an uptake for the change. The appetite for the uptake resides within the DNA of the corporate culture made up of individual and collective behaviours. Any resistance to change, catches on like wild fire and can sabotage change efforts. Shared understanding of, and a commitment to the change concept is required. Therefore, directors agree that corporate culture is the most important enabler for strategic implementation.

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